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  • Election Over, Rudnick Questions Results

    Brian Rudnick poses next to a cardboard Cindy Bass outside the polling place at Martin Luther King High School. MLK offered to host a forum for its high school students with Bass and Rudnick concerning issues facing Northwest Philadelphia. It never h...

  • Rudnick Featured in Chestnut Hill Local

    "Rudnick is the proverbial upstart with no machine politics behind him, no political friends or foes, no favors owed, no interests he is beholden to other than his own ideals and attributes." Full story here

  • Praise from Democratic and Green Party leaders

    Rudnick is known around town as a stand-up guy, someone who could perform the duties of a councilperson. -----John O'Connell, Ninth Ward Democratic Ward Leader "He's very, very dedicated. I support him all the way." ------Vivek Ananthan, Cha...

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The 8th District councilperson needs to be responsive to constituents and not be beholden to campaign donors and special interests. I pledge to:

  • Open a constituent office in the district to serve residents and businesses
  • Work closely with community organizations to help them reach consensus and be an advocate for the decisions they reach
  • Explain the reasons for every vote I take in City Council on substantive matters
  • Lobby for adequate school funding from Harrisburg along with parent and student groups
  • Apportion funds from the sale of abandoned properties toward hiring new teachers
  • Demand transparency from the School Reform commission in its dealings and accounting
  • Collect over $400 million in delinquent property taxes
  • Provide tax incentives for individuals to repurpose vacant buildings and land
  • Reduce burdensome taxes on small businesses and actively support our neighborhood businesses.

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